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Imagine a career with William Kenny Associates

Imagine working and collaborating with scientists and designers all day, every day to create beautiful and environmentally-sound landscapes.

Imagine each week spending time outdoors exploring and studying a variety of natural and manmade landscapes from tidal marshes, forested wetlands, streams and lakes to public and private schools, residential estates and communities, corporate and public parks, nature preserves and more.

Imagine excellent compensation and having the greatest opportunity for professional growth and control of your career trajectory.

Imagine working with highly driven, educated and passionate professionals.

Imagine a professional, respectful but informal work environment, with flexible work schedules.

We want to hear from you

If you imagine your career like this and if you are a caring, creative, dedicated, hard working, team player with exceptional talent and intellect and passion for serving others and the environment, then William Kenny Associates would like to hear from you. WKA is the place for you and your career to prosper and make a difference.

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